Meeting rooms, work cubicles, open offices, and more

We spend a huge amount of our time at work in meeting rooms, tele-conference rooms, and individual work cubicles. Many of these spaces have bad acoustics, which leads to poor speech intelligibility.

Come and see how we solve these echo and reverberation problems found in many modern workplace, from meeting rooms to open concept offices.


Aural Aid HQ, Singapore
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Hotels, cinemas, shopping malls, and event halls

The hospitality industry has to meet stringent requirements set by government or organizations, and ensuring good acoustics is one of them. Hotels have to meet minimum STC requirements and event halls have to achieve a targeted RT60 time.

Come and learn how developers and architects achieve these specifications for hotels, cinemas, and event halls.

Woolyx™ Square
Christmas Tree
300mm x 300mm x 35mm
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