Wood Wool Acoustic Panels
25mm Thick
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Ljuds™ wood wool panels are crafted from an eco-friendly and recyclable blend of wood wool, cement, and water. The inherent open structure of the wood wool panel minimises sound reflections, setting it apart as an effective sound absorbing panel. The panels are environmentally friendly and formaldehyde free. 

Boasting a diverse selection of shapes such as circles, hexagons, pentagons, scales, squares, and triangles, Ljuds™ provides the tools for architects and interior designers to construct distinct and refined acoustic environments.

We have a total of 57 acoustic panel 3D models free to download for you to use in your projects. The collection is made of wood wool panels that absorb sounds and give aesthetics and environmental friendliness in an acoustic setting. 

The defining feature of these panels is their unique bevelled edge design. The V-groove design adds a refined touch, making each panel distinct. When combined, the panels form a harmonious and larger cohesive design that covers the entire wall. The color palette for the panels ranges from soft blues and teals to neutral grays and earthy greens. This gradient of colors is thoughtfully organized, creating a dynamic and visually appealing pattern.

Social Responsibility

We believe that our responsibility extends beyond our products and services. Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is deeply integrated into our corporate ethos, aiming to foster positive social and environmental change.


Ljuds™ is a sustainable and recyclable acoustic material. Its natural ingredients combine to offer a range of functional properties. Our goal is to not only provide effective acoustic solutions but also contribute to a sustainable future for our planet.

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